Tanya Lund and Kate Coleridge  – Marketing Strategy Specialists

Hadleigh & Co

Hadleigh & Co is a professional marketing consultancy working with small to medium sized businesses. They provide tailored marketing solutions to assist businesses to navigate their way through the vast number of marketing tools available and to implement these successfully.

Hadleigh & Co’s combined experience of more than 24 years, from large corporate roles with engineering, construction, sporting events / organisations, law and property firms and a broad cross-section of marketing specialties can provide the necessary analysis and marketing strategy development to provide a consistent, long-term approach that gets results for successful project delivery.


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  • Victoria

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Market Position

ABOUT Positioning is the place in the consumer's mind that you want your brand to own. It is the...

Marketing Analysis

ABOUT   Why is this item important? Customer acquisition costs (CAC) gives you an...

Marketing Plan

ABOUT A marketing plan is a comprehensive document or blueprint that outlines your planned...

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