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  • For information on how to best use the BIPlan System watch the tour video and check the FAQ below.  We are currently building our FAQ section so if you have a question we haven’t answered then please use the feedback form below
  • For technical support and to report bugs email support@biplan.co
  • For questions relating to business information or for business support or advice then contact your business advisor.  Members of the BB4G Community can also ask for help in the BB4G Community Portal.

BIPlan Tour Video

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll keep adding your questions here as we receive them.  Make sure to submit your questions in the Feedback form so we can keep building our FAQ section

My business has changed - how do I change the checklists I can see on my dashboard?

To change your company profile to add or remove the following checklists

  • Staff
  • Stock Control
  • Debtors
  • Operations Management

1. Go to My Admin in the top right menu bar
2. Select My Company
3. Select the Edit button
4. Change each Yes/No option as applicable
5. Save changes
6. Go back to home

Watch the video here for a demonstration