Sales Process

Checklist Guide


A clear and effective sales process shows you and your prospective clients the steps that you take with them to help them make an informed personal or business buying decision.

This essential business tool then allows you to manage your business and walk each potential client through the sales process to ensure that you are converting the maximum number of opportunities that come your way.

Your sales process shows the methodology you use to engage with customers, when you will provide certain information and when you will ask them to buy from you. It shows you, your staff and your prospective clients how you engage and helps to clarify what is expected of them and you at each step.

A great sales process will clearly show people how you operate and what is expected of them at each step and importantly why they should invest this time with you and take these steps with you and achieve a better informed buying decision.

Sales is not just the responsibility of sales staff, but of every member of your organisation, from the people who create and deliver your products and services, and those who follow up after delivery, to the people who issue the invoices.



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